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"Our Spirit Survived"

“Our Spirit Survived” is an Aboriginal Healing Foundation funded project whose primary activity is to address the needs of Residential School Survivors and their families. Two years have passed since most of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation projects have ended. The payouts for residential school survivors have been received and there are some court proceedings still going on. The first component of our project is to consult with ten communities both on reserve and urban, to find out where people are at on their healing journey today. This process will help identify the information we need to acquire insights to adapt to our programming which is a workshop protocol that will foster and promote an understanding of the effects of the Legacy of the Residential School. Our protocol will incorporate, adapt, and blend a traditional and Western approach; its focus is trauma recovery for survivors of residential school abuse as well as for their descendants who suffer from the intergenerational impacts. It provides a culture-based approach to trauma recovery. These workshops will provide participants with the opportunity to recognize and to grieve their personal losses that stem from Residential School attendance.  The participants will also begin to recognize the impacts that Residential Schools had on them as adults, parents, and as community members.

For more information, please contact:

Marlene Arrance, Project Coordinator

(780) 459-1884 Ext. 438



Michelle Littlechild, Admin. Support

(780) 459-1884 Ext. 425/415


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